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1. Select your event/performance. You can use our list of resources or feel free to ask us for help.

2. Request tickets by filling out the
Request Tickets online form. You will receive either a ticket confirmation or rejection (tickets unavailable) within 7 days.

3. Assign the event by listing the ArtsLink website in your syllabus and directing your class to click the Buy Tickets button above.

4. Update your class list regularly. Students who are not on your class list will not be able to purchase tickets. Click HERE to update your list now.



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Museum Tours

Professors can take their classes on self-guided tours with all costs covered by ArtsLink.

Students: How It Works

Ticket Purchase:
NEW - Rolling Deadline

If your professor, TA, or instructor has assigned an ArtsLink event, click the Buy Tickets button above to purchase a ticket. If you don't know the title, click the Complete List button and search by instructor. Once you purchase your ticket, you can then pick it up at the TIC in the Lerner lobby. Your name must be on the class list and purchases are limited to 1 ticket per student.

Your ArtsLink ticket will cost you about $15 - $20, which is about 25-35% less than than the normal student discount price. If you have questions about ArtsLink or cannot attend the show on the night assigned, please contact













Recommend an event or ask a question to the ArtsLink listserv: 212.851.1872
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