Columbia is a very large, complex institution with its necessary rules and procedures. For a student producing an event on campus, navigating this labyrinth can seem like an impossible task. The purpose of the below rough guides, is to help Columbia students through the process of planning, preparing, funding, marketing, and producing a Columbia event.

These various guides represent the combined and extraordinary efforts of the CUarts Events and Outreach Staff, many of whom were heavily involved in the performing arts community on campus - whether as director, producer, actor, or supporter.

Darcy Zacharias (CC '10) served as project lead and writer for the guides.
Samantha Carlin
(BC '09) provided information on how to spend money as a Barnard student group.
Chad Miller (GS '07) conceived of the guides and served as project editor.


Note: All information contained herein is intended for recognized student groups that are producing an event at Columbia University. If you are an individual or unrecognized group, we hope that you may benefit from this guide but many of the policies are not applicable to your needs.

These guides are not meant to be authoritative, but rather a starting point for planning your event. For further information, please feel free to contact your respective Student Affairs office. CC/SEAS/GS undergraduates should contact Student Development and Activities. Barnard students should contact College Activites Office. You can also visit CUarts. Our offices will be happy either to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction.

Please be aware that information can change yearly, monthly, or at the discretion of any of administrative bodies. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please contact us at

Happy event!
The Events and Outreach Team of CUarts 


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