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Ticket and Info Center
Alfred Lerner Hall Lobby
115th & Broadway

TIC Regular Semester  Hours
Tues. - Sat. 1 pm - 8 pm
Mon. & Sun. CLOSED



The TIC is open 2 hours prior and until curtain for most on campus events sold at the box office.



Ticket and Information Center Procedures and Policies
Subject to Change

Updated 1.06.09

Here is some basic information about how the Ticket and Info Center works. (Please keep in mind that this document is a work in progress.) If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us at ticketinfo@columbia.edu. Thank you!

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What is Ticket and Information Center?
A project of the Office of the Provost and the Arts Initiative at Columbia University, the Ticket and Information Center is a full-service online and live box office and information center located in the lobby of Lerner Hall. Here you can

  • Buy tickets and/or RSVP to free on-campus events, performances, lectures and symposia.
  • Sell tickets to your organization’s on-campus event, performance, lecture or symposia either through the live ticket center in Lerner, the online system or both.
  • Buy discounted tickets to performances, films and events in and around New York City.
  • Get information about all the resources that the Arts Initiative, the TIC, CUArts and Columbia University at large has to offer regarding getting involved with the arts on and off campus.


What are the hours of the Center and where is it located?

  • Hours: Tues - Sat. 1 pm to 8 pm. Mon. & Sun. Closed
    If your event is not taking place during the TIC hours, we can still accommodate you. In order to request special hours of operation, you must register your event at least two weeks in advance.
  • The Center is located in the lobby of Alfred Lerner Hall to the right of Café 212.
  • Lerner Hall is located at 2920 Broadway at 115th St.
  • Our mailing address is:
    Ticket and Information Center
    2920 Broadway
    7518 Lerner Hall
    New York, NY 10027


How do we contact TIC with questions?

  • By emailing us at ticketinfo@columbia.edu
  • By visiting the TIC manager during the hours of:
    • Tuesday – Thursday: 2PM – 5PM


How can we pay for tickets?

  • Ticket buyers can use either cash, flex or credit card at live box office and credit card online.
  • Convenience fees may apply for some purchases.
Please note FLEX is not av ailable ONLINE.

Do you sell wheelchair accessible tickets? 
  • For wheelchair accessible seating please call Rudy Scala, TIC Manager at 212 851 0776 or email ras2187@columbia.edu. The TIC will work with you to purchase your desired event and contact the venue box office to exchange your ticket for one that is wheelchair accessible as per the venue's ADA policy. 


How does my organization, venue or department register an event with the Ticket and Information Center to sell tickets or collect RSVPs?

  • The online form and must be filled out out at least two weeks before your event.
  • Once we receive your information via the registration form, we will program it into the online ticketing system and the online calendar, we’ll then send you a link to look at and confirm that all the information is correct. Once we receive a return confirmation email from you, your tickets will then go on sale at the Ticket and Info Center and online (if you so chose).
  • This process will take about 2 – 3 days once we receive complete event information.
  • FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Once we receive the complete and correct information about your event via the registration form, we will send an email to you and your advisor asking them to confirm the information. Once we receive a confirmation email from your advisor, we can start programming your event into the TIC system.


Is there a charge to the student organization to use the TIC service or to print tickets?

  • No, service and ticket printing is absorbed by the TIC operating budget.
  • There will, however, be a small service fee for ticket buyers when they
    • Buy discounted tickets to some performances around NYC
    • Buy movie vouchers

    • Fees are an important revenue stream for the Ticket and Information Center to pay for the well-trained Columbia student staff who work for the TIC Monday - Saturday and often times up until 1 or 2AM during the weekends.
    • On campus event tickets are only subject to credit card fees and off-campus event tickets are subject to a $1 per ticket fee. Free tickets for off-campus events are subject to a convenience fee that can be based on the number of available tickets, the show's producer's wishes and the original value of the ticket. Tickets purchased online are also subject to a per ticket convenience fee based on the ticket price.

What if my event is confirmed less than 2 weeks before the event date?

  • Although we would like to not to encourage any campus organization to register events less than 2 weeks prior, we do understand that there are at times some special circumstances. In this case, please email us or come and discuss with TIC Manager during drop-in hours.

  • We need advance notice to make sure that the TIC is properly staffed for your event. The more notice you give us, the better.

  • FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: TIC needs to receive an approval email from your advisor confirming that the event is happening. This email must be received prior to your filling out the online Ticket Registration form. Once TIC receives the email, then you can fill out the online form and we will program it as quickly as possible.

Can we track how many tickets we've sold at any given time?

  • Yes, once your event goes on sale, you will receive a link to the ticket purchasers list. This link can be accessed at any time and by anyone in your organization to whom you wish to give access.

Can we print a guest list and check people off as they enter the venue?

  • Yes, with your set-up confirmation, you will receive a link to access your WHO’S COMING list. This list is the most up-to-date list of who has purchased tickets or registered for your event.
    *We recommend that you print the list to create a guest list for your event.

  • Your organization or department must supply its own staffing for door check-in and ticketing ripping the night of the event. ALL TICKET STUBS MUST BE COLLECTED AND RETAINED BY YOUR ORGANIZATION AND THEN RETURNED TO THE TIC NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS AFTER THE LAST EVENT.

Can we use TIC for student campus events happening outside of Lerner?

  • Yes.
  • FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Just make sure that the event has been approved through the proper channels.

Can we use TIC for events off-campus?

  • Only if it is officially sanctioned by the University .
  • You can also recommend that TIC sell tickets to certain off-campus events that are of interest to you by sending an email to ticketinfo@columbia.edu.

If we're not charging admission, can we still use TIC?

  • The TIC is also an RSVP system whereby CU departments, programs, venues and graduate student organization can create guest lists for free events. You can also use it just to promote free events that don't have tickets or guest lists.
  • Please fill out the Ticket Registration form with all the correct information.
  • Policy Prohibits UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS from using the TIC for free events whereby you are creating guest lists. Guest lists for undergraduate events must be managed by the student organization.

Can we use TIC if we're not yet a recognized student organization?

  • FOR GRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Graduate student organizations do not need to be officially recognized, but must have a faculty or staff sponsor for all events on campus. If you are not officially recognized and do not have a campus account associated with your organization, the revenue from ticketing must be distributed by a check and made out to you or another individual You are then responsible for paying taxes on this revenue.

If we are using TIC to sell our tickets, can we still sell our event tickets to our friends and in the residence halls?

  • FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Yes, you can sign out bulk tickets (10 or more) for your event from TIC in order to re-sell them.
  • Please make sure to track your cash intake and create your own ticket purchasers list when you re-sell tickets.
  • Bulk tickets for the purpose of re-sale can only be signed out with emailed approval from your advisor.
  • Requests for bulk ticket purchase must be made in writing to the TIC manager at least 24 hours in advance.


How do online sales work?

  • Online tickets can be purchased with credit cards only.
  • Delivery on all online sales will be WILL CALL only. If you buy a ticket online, you must come to TIC in order to redeem for an actual ticket. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR ID AND YOUR ORDER NUMBER TO THE TICKET CENTER IN ORDER TO PICK YOUR TICKET. This mechanism is in place so that we can check IDs for all events for both CUID only and events open to the public.


Can we promote our events on the TIC LCD screens?

  • Yes by sending us a digital Power Point poster.
  • Details to follow

Do we have access to the ticket buyers names and emails from our events?

  • Yes, at your request TIC will send you a spreadsheet with the above. HOWEVER, you will only be able to email these ticket buyers on an ongoing basis if they agreed have to be contacted by your organization.


What is the ticket refund policy?

  • Unless the event has been cancelled by University administration or by the student organization itself, refunds will not be issued to individuals who have purchased tickets.
  • We will also refund tickets if you accidentally purchased a ticket to a CUID only event and are not a CUID holder.
  • Cancellations must be sent in writing to the TIC manager before your event will be taken off-sale and patrons notified.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges on off campus event purchases. 


Why do you need my contact information?

All contact information will be kept private unless you have authorized us to share your information. Email addresses used to purchase tickets will only be used to contact you regarding performance specific issues and updates. Your information will never be traded or shared with Non Columbian organizations. 


When will the account proceeds show up in our account?

  • It takes about two weeks for the funds to land in your account. If your organization is on the Columbia University accounting system (all schools except Barnard, TC and JTS), via interdepartmental transfer (IDI).

  • If you do not have a Columbia University account (BC, TC, JTS), a check will be cut, made out to the organization indicated on your Ticket Registration form, within TBD weeks of your event.

How will we know how much money we made through ticket sales after the event is over?

  • Within 3-5 days after your event, you, your advisor and your organization’s financial administrator, will receive an emailed report.


If we are doing a fundraiser, can TIC also take donations?

  • No.

Can we sell merchandise at the Ticket and Information Center?

  • Yes, but the TIC cannot store the merchandise for you. 

Can we distribute wristbands at TIC?

  • No.
What groups have used the TIC?
  • Click here for a full list of groups that use the TIC. 


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