WHY $25+?

CAAL supports the Arts Initiative at Columbia University
Think your $25 dollars doesn’t make a difference?  Think again.  Your contribution can send one Columbia student to a performing arts event and get you your CAAL membership.  Double your gift and you have just invited an incoming student to a private orientation event at one of New York's premier museums. 


A guide to ongoing programs and their associated costs
Below is just a sample list of ongoing Arts Initiative programs.  You may click on any project title for more detailed information including associated costs. These are meant as a guide and are by no means a minimum gift requirement. Contributions in any amount make a difference and help make the arts part of every Columbian's education and life regardless of his or her academic or professional focus.   Our efforts to prepare the next generation of artists and audiences rest on three pillars:
  1. supporting the campus arts community
  2. making the artistic diversity of NYC more accessible to students and alumni, and
  3. connecting the arts with other ways of looking at the world

Your gift may be unrestricted or directed toward a particular program, such as Arts Link, CAAL, and the global arts program.  Your support will help us promote life-long involvement in the arts and redefine the role of the arts in higher education.

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arrow Arts Link
Enrich Columbia's curricula by supporting a program that will make arts and cultural events available as a teaching resource, accessible as easily as textbooks or other academic tools.
Each semester, the Arts Initiative will provide faculty with a list of events or exhibits chosen from the New York’s cultural season. Professors can assign an event simply by sharing the event’s link, either in Courseworks or via email. Students will click to buy a subsidized ticket online, and pick up the tickets at the Ticket and Information Center (TIC) in Lerner.

Provide one student with a subsidized performing arts ticket    $20
Send a section (average class size of 20) to a cultural event $400
Sponsor Arts Link for a semester $50,000
Sponsor Arts Link for an academic year $100,000

arrow Columbia Arts Experience
Prepare the next generation of leaders in the arts by placing students in internship programs.
The Arts Initiative, in partnership with Columbia's Center for Career Education, places students in internships with various arts organizations such as museums, theatres, publishing houses, TV and film studios and provides them with a stipend that is matched by the employer.

Provide one student with an internship stipend    $250
Sponsor CAE interns for a semester $6,000

arrow New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) Cultural Event
Introduce over 2,000 new incoming undergraduate students to Columbia and New York's great art institutions by hosting the Arts Initiative's orientation cultural event.
The inaugural event in 2005 welcomed 1,200 students in MoMA’s Sculpture Garden and for the past two years 1,900 students have been introduced to Columbia and NYC culture with a private reception in the Greek and Roman, Egyptian, and African galleries of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Host a student 

or just your alma mater's freshmen 
    Barnard College $19,500
    Columbia College $34,000
    General Studies $10,500
    School of Engineering and Applied Science $12,000
or an entire first-year undergraduate class $76,000

arrow Ticket and Information Center
This new resource connects our students, faculty and staff to the arts on campus and around the city.  
The Arts Initiative created a fully fitted and staffed Ticket and Information Center in the main lobby of Alfred Lerner Hall that distributes and sells tickets to campus productions and events on behalf of university organizations, as well as discounted tickets to cultural events throughout New York City. It further serves as an information booth for campus and city arts activity. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please inquire with the development office.

Run the box office for a semester  $100,000
Run the box office for an academic year  $200,000
arrow Columbia Alumni Arts League Class of 2009 Memberships
Provide graduating students with discounts and special benefits to more than 60 of New York City's finest cultural organizations with a one-year introductory Columbia Alumni Arts League membership.
Congratulate new graduates and introduce them to the alumni community by presenting a graduating class with discounted access to the city’s best cultural offerings.
Provide recent graduates of your alma mater with a one-year introductory CAAL Membership

    College of Physicians and Surgeons $475
    Columbia College $1,150
    Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation $400
    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences $1,600
    Graduate School of Business $1,250
    Graduate School of Journalism $350
    School of Continuing Education $150
    School of Dental and Oral Surgery $200
    School of Engineering and Applied Science- Graduates $600
    School of Engineering and Applied Science- Undergraduates $400
    School of General Studies $450
    Schoolof International and Public Affairs  $700
    School of Law $750
    School of Nursing $475
    School of Public Health $400
    School of Social Work $400
    School of the Arts $250
Provide recent graduates of all undergraduate schools with a one-year introductory CAAL membership $2,000
Provide recent graduates of all graduate schools with a one-year introductory CAAL membership   $8,000
Provide an entire graduating class of Columbia University with a one-year introductory CAAL membership $10,000

arrow Columbia Alumni Arts League International
Expand the Columbia Alumni Arts League internationally.
CAAL was created in late 2006 to extend the Arts Initiative’s commitment to making the arts part of every Columbian’s life. CAAL currently provides alumni members with discounts and benefits at 62 leading NYC cultural organizations, and hosts special events called CAAL Nights that provide members the opportunity to meet fellow alumni over drinks, converse with artists about their work, and navigate the city's arts scene. Given its success, the Arts Initiative would like to expand CAAL internationally to Beijing, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Toronto.

Launch CAAL with a CAAL Night abroad $5,000
Start CAAL in an international city $40,000
arrow Arts Global
Create global literacy through the arts.
The Sino-Culture Project is the first phase of the Arts Initiative’s global arts program that serves as the cultural arm for the establishment of the University’s international regional centers. The primary goal is to educate all Columbia students, its physicists and financiers as well as filmmakers, by working with colleagues across the University – students, faculty, and administrators – to use arts and culture to train and educate not just better artists, but better scholars, scientists, historians, engineers, lawyers and businesspeople.

Showcase non-classical composers $7,500
Present film screenings $12,500
Provide for the development of the Arts Global website $15,000
Host a visiting artist’s master class $16,000
Sponsor the Beijing Modern Dance Company program $40,000
Support the Arts Global project for one year $350,000

arrow University Artists
Columbia's University Artists are outstanding artists involved in the ongoing life of the university.
Echoing the University Professor position, University Artists work across departments in creative endeavors, teaching and other special projects. Dr. Oliver Sacks was named the first University Artist in September 2007.

Support a University Artist for one year $250,000


CAAL benefits both its members and Arts Initiative constituents
Alumni often tell us that they wish the Arts Initiative had been around when they were students.  The great thing about CAAL is that now you get to help create and sustain opportunities you wish you had while getting great benefits in return.  All supporters who contribute $25 or more receive a Columbia Alumni Arts League membership.  In addition, we have created an Arts Initiative recognition society to acknowledge our generous donors.


CAAL MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES (all 100% tax-deductible)

CAAL Members:
• A personalized CAAL membership card
• Discounts and benefits with over 60 cultural organizations; most partners extend benefits to members plus one or more guests!
• Invitations to CAAL Nights
• Opportunity to bring a guest to CAAL Nights
• Weekly CAAL e-newsletter with special discount and complimentary ticket offers
• Invitation to the annual Arts Networking Night

CAAL Fellows:
All the benefits above plus:
• Donor recognition in online and print materials
• Priority notice of CAAL Nights

CAAL Contributors:
All the benefits above plus:
• Invitation to annual Orientation Museum Party for incoming students; previously held at MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
• Opportunity to bring up to 3 guests to CAAL Nights

CAAL Supporters:
All the benefits above plus:
• Priority CAAL Night seating
• Opportunity to bring up to 5 guests to CAAL Nights

Artist Benefactors:
All the benefits above plus:
• Invitation to a museum or gallery tour and luncheon with a university faculty or alumni artist

University Artist Salon Society:
All the benefits above plus:
• Invitations to master classes or rehearsals with a visiting artist

Director's Circle Benefactors:
All the benefits above plus:
• Invitation to a private film screening, talk and reception with the film director
• Invitation to a pre or post event reception with University Artist
• Complimentary publication by University Artist

Arts Initiative Patrons:
All the benefits above plus:
• Invitation for two to an evening of dinner and theater with the Arts Initiative Director
• House seat privileges to New York City cultural events
• Limited edition print of Paula J. Wilson's, The Boundless Stage - Havel at Columbia
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