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Ticket and Info Center
Alfred Lerner Hall Lobby
115th & Broadway

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Tues. - Sat. 1 pm - 8 pm
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The TIC is open 2 hours prior and until curtain for most on campus events sold at the box office.


Ticket Registration Form
Welcome to the TIC Ticket Registration form. This form can be used by any recognized university student organization, department, school or affiliate school to register your event and sell tickets online and/or at the live Ticket and Information Center in Alfred Lerner Hall. Before you use this form for the first time, please read through the Ticket Center FAQ.

Once the form below is completed (we ask you register your event at least TWO weeks in advance from your desired ON SALE date), and the information verified with your advisor (for student organizations only), the information will be automatically funneled to the TIC Events Calendar so that your event information can be posted online with instructions on how to buy tickets for your particular event (either by coming to the Ticket Center, ordering them online, or both).

For more information on our student services click here. For more information on our non-student services click here.

Incomplete information will delay the registration process; please make sure you have filled out ALL pertinent information about your event before you submit a form. 

Event Contact Information
First Name:

*Email must end with @columbia.edu or @barnard.edu
Organization Information
Name of Advisor:
Advisor's Email:
Event Information
Event Title:
Please chose the one genre that best fits your event.  Multiple genres choices: currently NA
The Start Date for The Event is:
*Field required for sequencing on TIC Event Calendar
The Event Begins in the Month of:
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Approved Venue Capacity for Your Event:
*As confirmed by UEM for undergraduate groups only
Event is open to:
Facebook Page:
 Is there any additional information  or special instructions that you would like to add about your event?:
Ticketing Information
Preferred On sale date of your event:
Would you like the TIC to sell tickets to your event:
Would you like the TIC to promote your event:
How many tickets would you like to hold for VIPs and at what price?
Would you like to sell tickets online?
*Once you click yes, TIC will automatically program your event to be on sale online.

Payment Information
How does your organization receive the ticket sales revenue:

If A, please enter CU account number:

If B, make check out to:

*Must include full address
Would you like TIC to collect donations for your organization?
Logo and Images
In order to best promote your event the Ticket and Information Center should be sent any art work or promotional graphics your group has created. Please send all artwork to Rudy Scala at ras2187@columbia.edu with the subject EVENT ARTWORK.
I understand that I must collect ticket(s) or ticket stubs on the event date and return these stubs to the TIC no later than a week after the date of the event.
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